Q: How can your bars be vegan/dairy-free when it says ‘May contain dairy’ on the packaging?

A: By law we are required to write that our products MAY contain dairy, because our factory handles dairy. HOWEVER, the machines are cleaned very very thoroughly after they have been used, so the text is more of a legal requirement than reality. We're sorry the message is confusing, but our factory forces us to include the warning on the package - just to be on the safe side. That said, our products are vegan (certified as you can see) and dairy-free.  


Q: Are kAAKAO bars suitable for dieting?

A: We have no idea. Maybe kAAKAO bars make you lose ton of weight. Or gain tons. That depends on a lot of things (metabolism, body type, exercise, the moon, the sun etc.) However, we’ve heard our customers say that you might feel better after eating kAAKAO, compared to other snack bars or chocolate. Let us know what you think!


Q: Do your bars contain sugar?

A: Yes, natural occurring sugar, i.e. fructose and glucose. One bar contains 10g, which is less than what a green apple contains, and we’re really proud of that. Would you ever think twice about eating an apple?